Animal Reiki

Animals bring us comfort and joy. A slobbery kiss, a rub against your legs, silly antics, a non- judgmental ear – their love for us is endless.

Animal Reiki is an ideal way to give back to your pet their unconditional love and loyalty. Like Reiki for people, animal Reiki helps your pet relax so their body can heal.

As with a healthy person, a healthy animal will have energy flow efficiently and strongly throughout their body. Any blockages of this energy will create physical, psychological or behavioural imbalances. Animal Reiki can address these imbalances and support healing.

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Animal Reiki can help with...

✔ Emotional issues (trauma, abuse, neglect)
✔ Fear, anxiety and trust issues
✔ Grief
✔ Relationships between people and their pets
✔ Depression
✔ Pre-post surgery support to aid recovery
✔ Pain management
✔ End of life transition
and much more...

I ask pet parents to schedule up to one hour for each in-person animal Reiki appointment but the amount of Reiki your pet will receive is ultimately up to them. Due to the current COVID conditions, I will treat your pet in an outdoor space of your choosing – either your backyard or a green space your pet feels comfortable with. I treat your pet as an equal partner and always ask for their permission to begin Reiki. I watch your pet’s body language. If they are receptive, I will treat hands on. If the pet is unsure, I will treat from a distance, or a combination of both.

Distance Reiki for animals is ideal for all pets as well – especially nervous, anxious, or fearful ones. They accept healing energy without someone intruding their space. Distant sessions work best when your pet is asleep or having quiet time so as not to be disturbed by distractions.

Liz Kendall Reiki Master Animal Reiki Vancouver
“Thank you Liz for working with Breakfast. This really helped [him] get used to humans/strangers, and trust that [they] are not bad.” - Nat L.


- Serious or Chronic conditions - 1+ treatments per week
- Small problems – 1x per week until problem resolves
- Surgery: 1x per day 3-5 days preceding surgery, and 1x per day for about a week afterwards
- Dying animals - 1+ small treatments per day
- Every Animal - regular treatments (1x per week or every other week) to support energetic balance and health maintenance