Reiki Testimonials

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Laura W.

Every time I get Reiki from Liz, it feels like an emotional and mental detox and reset. It helps me work towards clarity in my life in whatever obstacles I feel have been blocking me. Liz has such a gentle and kind spirit, making me feel completely at ease with opening up about what I am coming to Reiki for each time. Her studio is so calming and welcoming. I truly feel at peace every time I leave a Reiki session.

Amara D.

Liz provided a warm and wonderful experience. The room was a welcoming, clean, and quiet space that made me feel calm. This was my first time doing Reiki. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Liz took the time to explain the process and expectations. She was very conscious of my comfort level and was very attentive to my needs and any issues I wanted to address. For example, I had some issues with my left knee and she took the extra time to focus her time and energy in that area. My knee always felt much better after sessions with Liz. Whenever we started a session, Liz would make sure I was warm and comfortable. We would chat about how I was feeling and what I would like to do for today and that would help her determine the essential oils she would use. She had lovely music that kept me in a space where I could relax and clear my mind. I felt unique sensations as Liz would work on every area of my body. For example, I could feel the heat around my face and head move and flow in the area. I ended up falling asleep every session feeling so relaxed, refreshed, and balanced when woken up. We would then discuss how I felt after the session and what our next steps would be. Liz has a holistic view on how Reiki can positively affect my body and life and I appreciate everything she does. I would highly recommend anyone to her!

Taj B.

Liz is excellent, kind and friendly. She healed my knees and shoulders very quickly.

Tahra J.

Liz has a calming influence and puts you at ease instantly. She is able to do sessions remotely. Very restorative and deeply relaxing – highly recommend.

Nica K.

Initially, I was unsure of what to expect from the sessions, however, I left each session feeling lighter, calmer, and generally happier. Liz’s studio space is a relaxing oasis with aromatherapy, salt lamps and calming music that melts stress away. Liz’s gentle and caring nature came through in each session and I felt safe discussing personal concerns. In addition, Liz’s practice and knowledge on managing COVID was exceptional with masks, health checks and sanitization. We began each session with gentle discussion around what I would like to work on, with a brief review of my personal concerns and aspirations. I felt Liz had a good understanding of where I was holding my stress and was able to deploy her skills to work on calming those regions. Liz has such a caring, relaxing and gentle way of working with a warm and positive energy that reverberates throughout her Reiki practice. During the sessions, she was able to identify and deploy towards additional areas of blockages and we were able to debrief/discuss these at the end of each session. Follow up discussion was enlightening and I always left feeling relaxed and at ease. Thank you, Liz, for introducing me to Reiki practice.

Guillaume S.

I am suffering from mental illness which causes a great deal of stress in my body. The severe tension is located in the middle of my back. This causes my backbone to go out of alignment. I did a distant Reiki session with Liz. During the session, I laid down and rested. I suddenly felt her presence around my head then my chest area. Then within minutes I felt a great deal of relief. My body started to relax and my breath began to deepen. I felt so much better. She is very soft spoken and cares about the suffering of others. I will see Liz again.

Alice L.

When Liz welcomed me into her spa-like Reiki studio I did not know I was about to be pampered,....way better than in a spa. The studio is a small zen-appointed suite, bathed in muted light, tucked away in a quiet corner of the building. Liz thought of every detail including a comfortable treatment table, lots of cushions and coverings made of natural fibres, and a special place to put my personal belongings to adhere to COVID cleanliness. What I love about Reiki is that it is so powerful with such a light touch, and even no touch. The session was 60 minutes during which, fully clothed, I was bundled in clean sheets and pillows, listening to soft, serene music, in deep relaxation. Liz applied her true practitioner's knowledge, patient and gentle energy contact over my whole body twice and on the third time she focused on the issues she and I had discussed before the session (grogginess, anxiety, tension in chest and shoulders), and other spots she found required concentration (digestion). One very painful spot was due to recent oral surgery. End of the session, the pain was gone, never came back..and 4 days later the oral surgeon was surprised and delighted with my "fantastic" recovery. Was it Reiki? I say yes, it helped. End of the session, Liz gave me a few minutes to fully come awake. She and I reviewed the results of the treatment over a cool, refreshing drink of water. I felt grounded in an easy calm: all the pain, the anxiety, the tension completely gone. That calm stayed with me the rest of the day. Would recommend Liz and Reiki to assist you in attaining and maintaining your own best health.

Sandy D.

This was the first time I had ever tried a distance Reiki healing session and I was quite struck by how deeply relaxed I felt both during and after the session. My mind and body settled quickly after a few minutes and at times my awareness went to different parts of my body that Liz mentioned later she had focused on. Liz has a lovely grounded presence, and I also found it pleasant to be in my own space and not worry about driving. The 30 minute session was a perfect length of time for a restorative break in my day. I’m looking forward to doing more distance sessions with Liz!

Akemi W.

Liz has been performing Reiki on my son’s weak knee which has dislocated several times in the last two years. In combination with Reiki and private physiotherapy sessions, he finds it very helpful in his recovery process. Liz is very patient, calm and understanding. She discusses the procedure each step of the way and makes my son comfortable and relaxed. He looks forward to seeing Liz for her beneficial Reiki sessions. We are grateful for her services and highly recommend her.

Nat L.

My young dog is very anxious around other humans (especially strangers). He, being a rescue, is unsure of humans touching him and barks. Liz is great with animals! She was calm and made sure that my dog, Breakfast, was comfortable too before starting. My dog was curious, so he stopped barking and sat down next to Liz. By the end of the session, he had passed out on the floor. This really helped my dog get used to humans/strangers, and trust that not humans are bad. Thank you Liz for working with Breakfast.