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Reiki for Cold/Flu Season & Beyond

As we enter cold and flu season, it’s so important to have a well-tuned immune system. What’s more, it’s good to have a strong immune system all year round so you can successfully fight any challenges.

Regular Self-Reiki and Reiki sessions help achieve this goal. How so? Reiki can assist your immune system to either ward off a virus, or at least have a milder case of it.

Last year around this time, I had a head cold with a runny nose and sore throat. I was able to fight it within a few days with oil of oregano, and regular self- Reiki!

Before bed, I placed my hands on my sore throat, and covered my face and sinuses. I would fall asleep, wake up and repeat my Self-Reiki sessions. Wherever I hurt or had symptoms, I Reikied, and three days later, I was completely symptom free and full of energy!

Having Level I & II Reiki skills is like having a “medicine cabinet in your hands.”

You can do so much for yourself and others: help with a stomach ache, cramps, headache, minor injuries, post-surgical care, repetitive strains and general pain in the body. You can ease anxiety, depression, and work on reversing bad habits and addictions, and so much more!
That’s because…

Reiki healing activates a profound balancing, self-healing response within your system.

Before understanding how Reiki helps with immune function, some background information on immunity is needed…

The Immune System

Did you know that seventy to eighty percent of your immune cells are found in the gut?

That’s why it’s so important to have good gut health to prevent viruses and chronic illnesses. The irony is that when you feel blue, you’ll often reach for something sweet….or salty. While “cheat” days are OK,
the constant consumption of processed food can throw your immune system off balance.

The immune system assists to….

1. Prevent foreign substances from attacking your system by triggering the INNATE SYSTEM.

2. Learn about invaders by utilizing specific, often complex strategies to mount an ADAPTIVE response to pathogens.

3. BALANCES your inflammatory response so you don’t suffer from continuous inflammation, like in the case of autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis.

Great! But how do I know if my immune system is doing its job?

Redness, swelling, heat, and fever are all indications your immune system is working. Fatigue is another important sign that your immune system is activated.

Have you ever pushed yourself because you convinced yourself that, despite your nagging doubts, it was in your best interests?

If you consistently fail to listen to your body’s signals for rest, you’ll suffer the consequences. There’s a high probability that you will fall ill, get into an accident, or make poor life choices.

So think twice the next time your boss asks you to work overtime when you’re feeling exhausted. Should you really stay up all night to complete that report or essay, or ask for an extension?  Listen to your gut and prioritize rest…and Reiki!

Enter Reiki

Reiki healing encouages relaxation through balance. This healing modality assists the body to digest, detoxify, and self-heal, thus promoting balance.

During/After Reiki, many people

[  ] feel their stomach gurgle
[  ] start to salivate
[  ] feel cold
[  ] fall asleep
[  ] start to cry
[  ] feel exhausted or more pain

That’s the immune system doing its job!

Receiving or practicing Reiki improves your overall mood, bodily functions, and helps you to make healthier choices to help you stay pain free and drama free.

For your immune system to function well, regular Reiki is ideal. So when you encounter stressors, like pandemics, or accidents, you can stay strong and protected, and you can recover faster with regular Reiki sessions and Self-Reiki under your belt.

Keep Calm & Reiki On!

Did you know that your feelings can affect your immune system by triggering stress hormones, like cortisol? Cortisol, in turn,  suppresses your immune system.

So if you’re feeling down, your digestion may also be thrown off, and possibly your skin and sleep. Continued high levels of cortisol can actually cause insomnia and weight gain. I’ve been there!

I’ve had a lot of heartache in my life. I tried to numb the pain with unhealthy coping strategies. These prevented my healing by causing repressed emotions, autoimmune disease, insomnia and panic attacks. Reiki changed my life by helping me to choose healthier strategies to deal with my issues.  Reiki also taught me to keep the focus on myself and not let other people’s feelings and behaviour affect me 🙂

Reiki helps you feel calm and peaceful, which supports balanced functioning of your immune system. By lowering your baseline stress each day, daily-Self Reiki or regular Reiki by a certified practitioner helps one stay steady and energetic throughout the day.

Click below for a Reiki immune boost! Sit back, and picture a warm waterfall cascading from the top of your head down to your toes. Let the water wash away your stress and pain.

Over time Reiki subtly guides you to RESPOND RATHER THAN REACT to life’s stressors. Reiki encourages feelings of gratitude and kindness towards oneself and others….something we desperately need in our society!

The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, summarizes these virtues of kindness and gratitude in his Five Reiki Principles…

Just for today
I will let go of anger

Just for today
I will let go of worry

Just for today
I will be grateful

Just for today
I will do my work honestly

Just for today
I will be kind to all living things

Reiki Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

I have found that as I deepen my Reiki practice, the more I have put my needs first. My guilt over saying “no” to people and things that don’t support my highest good has melted away. I have put my healing and immune system first through things like…

[  ] Taking probiotics & eating fermented foods
[  ] Avoiding the unnecessary use of antibiotics
[  ] Mindful eating
[  ] Sleeping decent hours
[  ] Running
[  ] Weight training
[  ] Yoga
[  ] Meditation
[  ] Reading
[  ] Reducing screen time
[  ] Spending time in nature
[  ] Playing with my dog
[  ] Making time for my husband, kids, and friends
[  ] Socializing
[  ] Lots of Self-Reiki!

What about you? If you don’t already, I encourage you to engage in good sleep hygiene. Try shaving down your screentime, and do some meditation or reading before bed. By reading, I mean a soft or hard covered book lol!

When you’re eating, I recommend clearing distractions (i.e., eating & texting/going on social media, watching TV, etc).

A 2022 Dutch study found that eating while watching TV, or working, was associated with a higher body mass index.

You can do it! Put your phone face down and on vibrate, so you can actually pay attention to your meal. Chew your food well, and enjoy the different tastes that stimulate your palate. The slower you eat, with breaks in between, the better chance you’ll be able to sense when you’re full.

But Liz! I don’t have enough time to schedule appointments, communicate with family, and catch up with friends on my lunch break. That’s when you need to prioritize eating. You can get on your phone another time. Still not enough time?

Advocate for yourself! Get your coworkers behind you, and ask your boss for longer lunch hours, or breaks.

Also, take no heavy food or alcohol at least 2 hours before bed. The body needs time to rest and digest. You should be doing most of your digestion before going to bed.

Are you taking time to move, stretch, play with your kids/pets/friends? Do you have a trustworthy friend to confide in?  Do you reach for a journal, instead of the Häagen-Dazs when you feel something uncomfortable…worry, fear or anger? Troubled with heavy feelings?  Reiki can help lift that heavy cloud. 

Are you getting outside to work in your garden, go on a brief stroll, or a run?

Do you have a good book to read before bed? If you don’t, swing by to my book exchange in front of my house! There’s plenty of good books inside! 

Are you making time to book Reiki appointments or practice Self-Reiki?

You may be saying “Liz! I barely have enough time to eat and sleep, let alone exercise! And “me time” is a luxury that I’ll get, if I’m lucky. To this I say….

Life is about making healthy choices so you can become the best version of yourself! Don’t passively sit by and let others dictate your life. Put yourself first, start to say “NO” to people and things that don’t further your self-worth and self-healing.

Sure, but HOW DO I DO IT? It’s all about progress not perfection. There’s no “right” way to do it — just do it!  You don’t need a huge time commitment either….and its not ALL OR NOTHING….you can transform yourself, one day at a time!

If you are Reiki Level I or above, use your Reiki everyday! Your immune system will thank you for it!  A little rusty since your Attunement or Placement? I encourage you to do another 21 day Self-Reiki Challenge. It’ll inspire you to help yourself and your loved ones again!

Intrigued? Want to Learn Reiki for Life?

The next Usui/Holy Fire®️ III Reiki Levels I & II are being offered on November 12th & 13th.

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