Reiki During Coronavirus​

Since the coronavirus pandemic, many people have become more aware of their emotional and spiritual well being and are turning to a holistic form of healing. Reiki is an ideal healing modality whose goal is to work for the emotional, physical and spiritual well being of it’s receiver. Now more than ever we need relaxation and deep healing to quell the pressure and anxiety we face during this global pandemic.

As per the CRA guidelines for COVID-19:

✔ Clients will be directed to the local health unit to be assessed should they report any symptoms to me.
✔ While Reiki requires the practitioner and client to be in close contact, masks are mandatory for each Reiki session.
✔ The client only should arrive for the appointment with no additional people.
✔ Proper cleaning will take place between each client, including disinfecting all surfaces in the waiting area, washroom and Reiki room. Linens will be changed and washed between clients.
✔ Clients are to wash hands upon entering the Reiki studio.
✔ Payments will be contactless and sent electronically