Meet Liz

Liz Kendall Reiki Master Reiki Healing Vancouver

Hi there! My name is Liz (she/her). I’m a Mom, a dog-lover and a big fan of chocolate peanut butter Coconut Bliss. I’m also an Usui Reiki Master and Certified Reiki Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association. Kudos to you for visiting my site: you are taking an important step in putting your wellness first.

Now more than ever is the time for personal care. The current global pandemic has caused stress for many people. Reiki is a very powerful healing modality that can help you in these uncertain times – and for the rest of your life.

I turned to Reiki after an illness led me to rethink my stressful work as a Daycare Operator. I had heard positive things about Reiki, so I tried a few sessions. After these sessions, I became aware of the possibilities for change by tapping into the body's energy system.

Reiki taught me that our thoughts and emotions have the ability to create illness and pain in the body. Since childhood, I've had some health challenges, which I believe, are connected to my wounding. Reiki has, and continues to, address and heal these wounds by showing me the way back home to myself, and to better health.

I hold profound gratitude for Reiki, and for my teachers, who opened the door to the idea that I am my very own spiritual catalyst and own best healer.

I invite you to consider Reiki on your healing path. I offer a safe space for you to relax, restore, and travel within yourself to find answers to nagging self doubts or limiting beliefs; to address health issues; to explore your spirituality; and to become the conscious creator and leader of your own life.

Love & Light,