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Full Moon Meditation Events

Full Moon Meditation Events in Vancouver

Are you feeling frustrated? Stuck? Overwhelmed?

At Catalyst Healing, we know how difficult it is to be a sensitive soul living in a fast-paced, impersonal world.

Meditating during the monthly full moon can help you to protect your energy,
strengthen your intuition and recognize imbalances so you can heal. The full moon can help you think clearly and bring your desires to light with its reflective energy.

Empath Women's Meditation Circle

Do you feel different or struggle to fit in? Maybe family or friends have criticized you for being “weird,” overly sensitive, worrisome, or reactive? Maybe you feel a constant, gnawing fear that no amount of therapy or exercise can alleviate. Sound familiar?

Below are more questions, developed by MD Judith Orloff. These questions will help you to get a better sense as to whether or not you’re an Empath…

If you answered “mostly yes” to 2 or more questions, then chances are you’re an Empath! You may be wondering: “What does that mean for me? What steps can I take to help me cope with my sensitivities?” The answer: Empath centred Meditation. This will assist you to tap into your sensitivities and turn them into your biggest assets.

You are invited to a monthly guided meditation circle on Sunday afternoons at Catalyst Healing. See Empath Women’s Meditation Circle Events below for more details.

The purpose of the meditation circle is to help you feel validated, grounded, empowered, and spiritually nourished. This way you can learn how to thrive with your sensitivities. The meditation circle is a safe and sacred space for you to learn from one another’s experiences, and to share strategies and resources for dealing with energetic overload.

After all, I believe that you can flourish with your empathic abilities and use them in a way that furthers both your personal development and your soul growth.

You can feel calm, centered and grounded in daily life…sometimes you just need a little support to get there.

Full Moo
The Empath Women’s Meditation Circle is for a range of women. It’s for the empathic souls that are already developing tools to stay grounded and clear. It’s also for the beginner who has just heard of the word “empath” and wants to learn more. The true gift of being an Empath is not in your connection with others, but in your connection to yourself. I believe you can’t be of service to others until you are in service to yourself! In each meditation we will ground into our bodies with progressive muscle relaxation, and breathwork. Then we will elevate our minds and spirits with specific mantras, and quiet reflection. Most sessions will end with journaling, and for those who are comfortable, sharing. Includes snack, tea, and good company!

Empath Women's Meditation Circle Events



One Sunday per month, from 1pm to 3:30pm. See individual meditations below as well as calendar for dates*.

Please reserve your space 3 days or more in advance as space is limited.

6938 Vivian Street, basement



$25 per session

What to bring:

• Wear comfy sweats or yoga pants
• Please bring a journal, pen & water bottle
• NOTE: cushions will be provided


E-transfer payable to Cash also accepted.

Cancellation & Refunds:

Refunds will not be issued for any of the meditations. If you need to cancel your booking, you can simply reschedule at a later date.


Understanding your Empathic Nature January 29, RSVP by January 28 ***FREE***

Pain is the root of all empathy. Empaths are most affected by the pain of others. What's more, empaths are driven by an overwhelming desire to alleviate others' pain, often at a high cost. In this meditation, we will explore the negative and positive aspects of your empathic nature. We will also use visualization techniques to rethink the term "Empath." *please bring a journal & pen*


Working with your Shadow Self February 19 RSVP by February 16

In this meditation, you will travel deep within yourself to witness and validate your pain. You will then be invited to reframe your pain in a different, more positive light. *please bring a journal & pen*


Your Core Wounds March 12 RSVP by March 09

Each of us has a story that informs the way in which we build our lives. Although each story is different, they share a common theme: empaths are too sensitive for this world, and their sensitivity is unwelcome or unseen. In this meditation, you are invited to explore your core wounds by meeting and retrieving your inner child. *please bring a journal & pen*

Full Moon Meditation

The full moon offers an opportunity to sit in the fullness of your life. It is a time to feel deep gratitude for your blessings. It is also a good time to recommit yourself to meaningful projects and relationships in your life. This time of month also amplifies emotions. Just as the full moon pulls on the tides and creates more dramatic tidal changes, some people experience the same in their emotional lives. When the full moon lights up our hidden emotional world, those who are hyper-sensitive may be taken on a wild lunar ride! A full moon meditation can allow us to tap into our heavy feelings, and let them go in order to come into balance. Each Full Moon Meditation combines Full Moon energy and Holy Fire® III Reiki with various forms of Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, Zen Meditation, Mudras, Mantras, Breathwork and Releasing Ceremonies. The meditations are followed by refreshing herbal tea and fair trade chocolate.


One weeknight per month,  from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. 

**24 hours notice is required as space is limited.


6938 Vivian Street, basement, or outdoors on back deck, weather permitting. An email or text will confirm location & what to bring, on the day of the meditation. 


$33 per Person


E-transfer payable to Cash also accepted.

Cancellation & Refunds:

Refunds will not be issued for any of the meditations. If you need to cancel your booking, you can simply reschedule at a later date. 


Wolf Full Moon Meditation - January 5 RSVP by January 4

The first full moon of 2023 is a Wolf Moon in Cancer. Indigenous peoples associated this full moon with the howling of hungry wolves due to the scarcity of food in midwinter. This wolf moon is also positioned in the emotionally sensitive sign Cancer, which is also ruled by the moon. The Wolf Full Moon encourages us to lean on family. Also, there's a pull between family life and careers/other relationships. A mirror is being held up for us to reflect on and honour our innermost emotional needs. In this Wolf Full Moon Meditation, you're invited to meditate on manifesting your heart's true desires and focus on releasing anything blocking your goals. We will end the session with journaling.


Snow Full Moon Meditation February 6 RSVP by February 5

Indigenous peoples gave this Full Moon the name "snow" due to the historically heavy snow fall in February. This full moon is in adventurous, attention seeking Leo. You are cautioned to watch your words to prevent damaging friendships or other relationships. In this Snow Full Moon Meditation, you're invited to a blanketing ritual. The intent is to create a safe cocoon to ease the process of letting go.


Worm Full Moon Meditation March 7 RSVP by March 6

This Full Moon is named after Indigenous peoples to refer to the worm trails that would appear in the newly thawed March ground. The Worm Full Moon is in sensible, organized, and goal-oriented Virgo. When the full moon rises here, activating the Virgo-Pisces axis, your goals will be illuminated. You'll feel productive and inspired to use this time to replace any systems that you seem to have outgrown. In this Worm Full Moon Meditation, you are invited to ground and release what no longer serves you through a powerful outdoor fire ritual. This is followed by a self-directed Zen Meditation to help integrate your body, mind and spirit.


Pink Full Moon Meditation April 6 RSVP by April 5

The Pink Moon is named after the seasonal North American wildflower Phlox Subulata. This full Moon in Libra encourages us to focus on our interpersonal relationships. If you feel a bit 'off' with anyone in your life, a full moon in Libra is a great time to recalibrate the relationship to heal. You may also find yourself and those around you to be more intuitive at this time. In this Pink Full Moon Meditation, you are invited to ground and release what no longer serves you through a powerful outdoor fire ceremony. This is followed by a self-directed Zen Meditation to help integrate your body, mind and spirit.


Eclipsed Flower Full Moon Meditation May 4 RSVP by May 3

May's full Moon was named after the blooming spring flowers. Although a beautiful time of year, this full moon is an eclipsed moon. According to Astrologer Chris Brennan, "eclipses always act as catalysts for change and change sometimes can be good or more challenging." Light is always blocked in an eclipse which is why it's not a good time to manifest. The flower moon In Scorpio is an intense placement. It leads us to look inward at our shadow selves. Scorpio's energy also increases intuition and understanding of others, prompting "aha" moments. In the Elipsed Flower Full Moon Meditation we will focus on the Root Chakra and ground our energies through mantra meditation and breathwork.


Strawberry Full Moon June 5 RSVP by June 4

The June full moon was named a "strawberry" moon because it was a time for picking ripened strawberries. This full moon in Sagittarius brings about an adventurous, wisdom seeking energy. Positive vibes are in the air! In this Strawberry Full Moon Meditation, you are invited to ground and release what no longer serves you through a powerful outdoor fire ritual. This is followed by a self-directed Zen Meditation to help integrate your body, mind and spirit.


Harvest Full Moon Meditation September 28 RSVP by September 27

September's Harvest Moon signals the autumn equinox. For several evenings, the moonrise comes soon after sunset bringing a surge of bright moonlight early in the evening. Farmers believed this to be a traditional aide to harvesting their crops. Astrologically, the full moon in Aries heightens our emotions and risk-taking. This is not a time to focus on difficult relationships or have conversations about commitment. Rather, the focus here is to prioritize yourself, and act with care. In this Harvest Full Moon Meditation, you are invited to a harvest candlelight ritual where you will consider your many blessings and release what no longer serves you.


Eclipsed Hunter's Full Moon Meditation October 30 RSVP October 29

The Hunter's Moon gets its name from Indigenous peoples, who use this time to hunt for meat to store for the upcoming winter. This season is astrologically turbulent as October 14 had a solar eclipse, and October 28-29, a lunar eclipse. This month's full moon in Taurus prompts us to crave stability and constancy. Taurus seeks coziness and security, so a full moon in this earth sign vibrates safety over adventure. Use this time to do the things you find calming and reassuring. In the Elipsed Hunter's Full Moon Meditation we will focus on the Root Chakra and ground our energies through Mantra Mediation and breathwork.


Beaver Full Moon Meditation November 28 RSVP November 27

November is the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges for the long winter ahead. The Beaver Moon in Gemini sparks a restless spontaneity. Astrologically you may feel distracted and a bit spaced-out. This is a good time for socializing with friends, and for spontaneous fun! This period of restlessness is perfect time for reconsidering your opinions, or getting clear on things. In this Beaver Full Moon Meditation, you are invited to a meditation to manifest self-love and use it to propel you towards your goal.

Catalyst Healing
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