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Akashic Records ReadingS

The Akashic Records are an energetic record of your soul in this lifetime and through many lifetimes. The Records bring divine knowledge that transcends what is already known, in the physical world. This means that the Records interpret events and time as an infinite and eternal flow that spills out all at once, like a waterfall.
The Akashic Records has helped me to live my life with courage and creativity…to unapologetically be in the moment, and enjoy my life.
Because the Akashic Records are not limited by linear time, one can view their life from a multilayered perspective that is always expanding and accessible through the present moment. There is no limit to what the Akashic Records can express because divine knowing is infinite and eternal! This means the Akashic Records provide a continuous source of healing by helping you to find balance within your life.
By accessing your Akashic Records, you’ll receive an overview of your past, present, and future lives so you can understand troubling patterns in your life. It does so by reviewing your lessons and opportunities as well as the choices available to you on your path. The readings always respect your free will.

This process is incredibly illuminating, grounding, and provides you with the courage to change, and follow the whispers of your Soul.

Aside from boosting a sense of your true self, the Akashic Records can help to…

Also, if trauma has been apart of your life experience, an Akashic Records Reading will work on your energetic body to provide release. The reading can powerfully remove deep seated emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, grief, and abandonment. This process allows you to uncover your Authentic Self — your pure self connected to Source, and unaltered by intergenerational trauma, and cultural conditioning.

What Happens During an Akashic Records Reading?

Prior to your appointment I ask you to choose three questions from a List of Commonly Asked Questions of the Akashic Records.

I read a special blessing to connect with your Records, by calling upon the keepers of your records, guides, loved ones, and ancestors. I then energetically move into your Akashic Records by opening them. You may feel a heaviness in your head during the session, or nothing at all. Once your records have been opened, I provide you with detailed answers to your questions, leaving room for discussion. You may request a copy of my notes as well.

Towards the end of the session, I provide a mini Oracle card reading for extra clarity. The session ends with a final blessing, which will close your Records.

I am honoured to be your guide on this sacred, inner journey in order to facilitate profound healing and release.

Commonly Asked Questions of the Akashic Records

Reading the Akashic Records is not fortune-telling. The Records don’t like to give “yes” or “no” answers. It’s also best to avoid predictive questions such as: “When will I meet my soulmate?” Or “When will I get a promotion?” Since you are co-creating your reality with Source, there’s no certain future outcome that already exists and that can be predicted.

The answers you receive from the records are often complex and nuanced. The Records want to empower you to make your own choices based on the information you receive. They will never make choices for you or impose upon your free will.

So, it’s best to avoid questions that start with “should” and shift instead to “how” questions. For example, “How can I find work that is more aligned with my personality” is better than “Should I take a job with….?”

Lastly, when you ask a question, make sure your intention for asking is as clear and open as possible, and avoid loaded questions. For example “Will I meet the love of my life soon?” is a poor question. A better way to phrase it would be: “How can I open myself up to love and to feel gratitude with where I am now?”

Below are some commonly asked questions for an Akashic Records Reading. They are divided into five categories: relationships, career and finances, past lives, spiritual path, and life challenges.


  1. Why are (insert person’s name) and I together in this lifetime and what am I meant to learn from this relationship?
  2. How can I better understand my past relationship patterns? How can I release dysfunctional relationship patterns?
  3. Have I made a past life contract with (insert person’s name)? If so, what are the terms of the contract?
  4. How can I open myself to the energy of love and feel more comfortable with giving and receiving in equal ways?

Career & Finances

  1. Is this career or work aligned with me at a soul level?
  2. How can I better align my soul purpose with my career?
  3. What’s limiting me from manifesting greater abundance?
  4. What money stories or patterns have I inherited from my family?
  5. What did I learn about career, success, and financial abundance from past life experiences?

Past Lives

  1. Am I carrying past life trauma that needs to be resolved? If so, what’s the nature of it?
  2. Which talents, gifts, or abilities did I develop in past lives?
  3. Is there a past life origin to the current issue or challenge I’m dealing with?
  4. Did I have a past life as a healer, mystic, visionary, or witch?
  5. Did I know (insert person’s name) in a past life? What was the nature of our relationship?

Spiritual Path

  1. What can I do to become less reactive and more peaceful?
  2. How can I become more grounded and present in each moment?
  3. How can I connect to my Spirit Guides more deeply?
  4. Have I made a past life contract or vow of suppressing my spiritual gifts? If so, what are the terms of that contract and how can it be revoked?
  5. How can I integrate my spiritual practices with my day-to-day life?

Life Challenges

  1. What is this challenge or obstacle teaching me?
  2. How can I feel more complete or peaceful with where I am right now?
  3. How can I release feelings of shame, guilt, anger, etc? What are these feelings teaching me?
  4. How can I enforce stronger boundaries with friends, partners and family members? How can I say “no” without feeling guilty?
  5. What can I do to release this unhealthy pattern of…self-sabotage, or, procrastination, or escapism?

Daily Guidance Questions

  1. What do I most need to know today?
  2. Where must I focus my attention today?
  3. How can I move through today with ease, grace, and effortlessness?

Akashic Records Session Offerings

60 Minute Akashic Records Adult Readings

If you have a particular topic you want to explore, or you’re new to and curious about the Akashic Records, a single session is a good way to gain insight and clarity. Includes Intuitive guidance to heal your past, present and future. Maybe you have a general feeling of being “stuck” in one or more areas of your life? Perhaps you find it challenging to translate your ideas and dreams into reality? Or you may have some relationship issues (whether romantic, friendship, or family) that are draining you. A three session Bundle will help you gain much needed insight and direction.

Important Things to Know about an Akashic Records Reading

  1. I do not offer third party readings. The Akashic Records are a deeply personal experience, and need to be requested by the person seeking the reading. Thank you for understanding.
  2. An Akashic Records Reading is always about the person who’s records are being opened. You may only ask about others, only in relation to you, not specific questions about them contained within their own records.
  3. Clients must be at least 18 years or older to receive a reading.
  4. All information obtained within an Akashic Records Reading will be kept confidential and deleted after each reading.

Akashic Records Reading for your Animal Companion

Have you ever wondered why your animal companion is in your life? Do you feel that your animal friend chose you and came into your life when you most needed them? My dog, Luigi, has changed my life by pulling me into the present moment of pure bliss. Luigi constantly urges me to play tug of war, gives me wet, sloppy kisses, and gets me out day in and day out, allowing me to make connections with other people and animals. Like Luigi, our animal companions are here to anchor us in the present moment and help us throughout our lives. We too desire to give back to our pets, and understanding their challenges and traumas through the lens of the Akashic Records is a very loving way to seek healing for them. The answers found within their records can help to transform false beliefs, troubling behaviours, and patterns within ourselves that require healing.

What Happens During an Akashic Records Reading for your Animal Companion?

The Akashic Records Reading for your Animal Companion does not require the companion animal to be present. However, I do require a good photo and the name of the animal. Prior to the session, I will ask you to provide three questions about your animal companion from the list of

Commonly Asked Questions about your Animal Companion and then I’ll receive the information from your animal companion’s Akashic Records.

Note: prior to opening your animal’s Akashic Records, I will ask your animal’s spirit for consent. Consent may or may not be given. If the animal doesn’t consent, I will try opening their Records another day.



An Akashic Records Reading can also be used to connect to animal companions who have passed. All that is required is a good picture of the animal, plus any three questions.

You will receive a written report containing all information received during the session.

Commonly Asked Questions about your Animal Companion

  1. Why does my pet behave in a particular way? (Where and when it began, why they are doing it and how it helps them)
  2. These behaviours can range from innocent, and non problematic all the way to challenging, aggressive behaviours.
  3. Is my animal companion happy?
  4. What happened to my animal companion prior to them living in my home?
  5. What is my animal companion’s purpose? Has it changed now that s/he is aging?
  6. What does my animal think of the other family animal(s) and how can I support their relationship?
  7. Did I have a past life relationship with my animal companion? If so, what is the nature of that relationship?
  8. How can I best support my animal companion?

Animal Companion Akashic Records Readings Offerings

60 Minute Animal Akashic Records Readings

If you have a particular topic you want to explore about your animal, or you’re new to and curious about the Akashic Records, a single session is a good way to gain insight and clarity.

Maybe you lost an animal companion, and would like to unite with them through their Akashic Records. Maybe you feel as though you can’t connect with your animal. Perhaps your animal companion is presenting with a troubling pattern of behaviour that you’d like to explore. You may have multiple animals whose records you’d like to explore. A three session Bundle will help you gain much needed insight and direction.

Catalyst Healing

Feel the heart and soul of Reiki, and the Akashic Records in Vancouver at Catalyst Healing. I offer a wide range of healing practice for adults, families, and animals. If you are looking for a natural way to reduce stress, promote relaxation, improve your health, find answers to difficult questions, and raise your vibration, I encourage you to contact me. Book a Reiki session or class, join my Full Moon Meditation Circle, or try an Akashic Records Reading. I am confident that you will feel lighter, calmer and full of renewed purpose. Contact me today to receive a free twenty minute consultation.


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