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October 11, 2018
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August 26, 2021



Grounding into the Earth

Since the end of May, astrologically, there has been a strong cosmic energy percolating. Since then, I intuitively knew to take up running. I’ve always preferred low impact cardio due to previous knee injuries. But I had a strange feeling that something was “afoot” and jogging would strengthen my root.

Fast forward July 2021….right now is a time of change and transformation with the new moon in Cancer. This is an opportunity to start anew. Throw out old ideas and behaviour patterns that no longer serve you and dedicate your time to people who feed your soul and nourish you with love and safety. This new moon, in particular, is a highly emotionally charged one and could create some instability in your relationships. Be sure to think things through before making hasty decisions.  Even though you may feel discombobulated, rest assured this will soon pass and you will come out of it stronger!

Reiki can help during this time. So can a walking meditation in the forest, beach, rocks or even on the grass.  Below is a poem you can say aloud or to yourself as you walk outside barefoot.  Enjoy!


My negative thoughts exit into loving Mother Earth through my feet!

She will lovingly take the heat.

I am getting grounded and stable

as the earth’s beautiful energy rises up from my feet to my crown…

I feel grateful!

Love and Light,


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