July 23, 2021
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September 17, 2021

The Power of Lavender

The Power of Lavender

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.  — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This quote by the late Maharishi Mahesh makes me think of Lavender.  This beautiful, yet unassuming purple flower, takes me to a happy place.  Lavender lifts your spirits and helps ease stress, anxiety and depression.  The oil sends a calming message to the brain making it a natural sedative and relaxant.

I use lavender as a smudge to cleanse my Reiki studio between appointments.  It acts like a natural cleanser of all energies. 

Lavender has been known to help a headache, ease muscular pain, relieve respiratory ailments, speed the healing of cuts, scrapes, and bruises, as well as soothe a sunburn or a big bite.  I personally use lavender as a perfume, mosquito repellent, and spray to nurture my creativity and self-expression.  This flower is associated with the third eye chakra whose attributes include intuition, imagination, visualization, and concentration.

Overall, lavender essential oil is the universal healing oil for the seven major chakras, helping bring them into balance.  As an adaptogen, lavender goes into your system and works where it is needed to help your mind, body, and/or spirit find balance.

Lavender’s aroma is simultaneously stimulating and relaxing.  There’s nothing quite like the refreshing green, herbal, floral — other-worldly scent of lavender to help you relax into sublime peace.

Below is a DIY recipe for a lavender spray.  Spritz some on in the evening after a bath, or before bed, or anytime you’d like to relax.


2 Cups distilled water

2 Tbsp rubbing alcohol

15-20 drops lavender essential oil

Fresh dried lavender

INSTRUCTIONS: Using a funnel, pour the distilled water, and alcohol into a glass spray bottle.  Drop in the essential oil and crush in the dried lavender.  Shake well & enjoy!

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