Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is the practice of sending compassionate, healing energy to another person separated by distance. This type of remote healing works as well as in-person Reiki because we are all connected, as we are all made of energy, and part of a larger whole. Distance Reiki is one of the many ways to link and channel this energy for the healing benefit of others. Just as cell phones use electromagnetic radio waves to connect with other cell phones, Reiki recipients can connect with Reiki practitioners over a distance to receive Reiki.

Distance Reiki is suitable for those who cannot make it to in person Reiki sessions, including the elderly, people with mobility challenges, those who are sick and people with busy schedules. During this COVID time, distance Reiki has become a desirable healing modality as many people can enjoy the benefits of Reiki from their own home.

“Liz has a lovely grounded presence, and I also found it pleasant to be in my own space and not worry about driving.” - Sandy D.

Liz Kendall Reiki Master Distance Reiki
“Liz has a calming influence and puts you at ease instantly. She is able to do sessions remotely. Very restorative and deeply relaxing – highly recommend. “ - Tahra J.

What Happens During a Distance Reiki Session?

A distance session begins either by phone or on Zoom, where I do a five to ten minute check in to see what you'd like to work on. When you're ready to begin, we disconnect, and you go lie down in a quiet room. A candle and soft music is a nice added touch for the session. I recommended having a glass of water and a journal beside you for after the session. I look at your name on a piece of paper, and send 30 minutes of compassionate healing energy. When the time has elapsed, I message you to indicate that the session has ended. You're given a choice to discuss the session right after on the phone or at a later time by text message.

Liz Kendall Reiki Master Distance Reiki with crystals “I did a distant Reiki session with Liz...within minutes I felt a great deal of relief. My body started to relax and my breath began to deepen...Liz is very soft spoken and cares about the suffering of others. I will see her again.” - Guillaume S.