Children’s Reiki

Children today deal with a lot of pressure from social media, peers and their parents. Anxiety and depression, ear infections, respiratory infections, asthma, gastrointestinal upset, type 2 diabetes, and eating disorders thwart kids’ mental, physical and spiritual health.

Reiki can benefit children, regardless of the disorder, and can be very calming for parents and kids alike. Reiki helps kids to relax. When a child is relaxed, they feel safe. These feelings of safety help kids to move forward in their lives with confidence.

Liz Kendall Reiki Master Children's Reiki Vancouveri
“Liz is very patient, calm and understanding. [My son] looks forward to seeing Liz for her beneficial Reiki sessions. We are grateful for her services and highly recommend her.” - Akemi W.

Reiki can also help.....

✔ Support ADD/ADHD treatment
✔ Support Autism spectrum disorders
✔ Improve concentration
✔ Soothe irritability, depression and other emotional issues
✔ Enhance relaxation & sleep
✔ Reduce defiance
✔ Enhance self-awareness & self-esteem
and much more...

The format of the Reiki session will depend on the child. I will always follow their lead. With younger children, I will play Reiki games with them as a warm up. With older kids and teens I will base the Reiki session around their interests.

Distance Reiki is ideal for children because, depending on the child, it can be hard to lie still on a table to receive a full Reiki treatment. Although it is ideal for your child to receive Reiki while resting or asleep, kids can receive the distance Reiki while sleeping, watching TV, gaming, playing, or engaged in any activity.